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delia the actorHi lovelies.

This site is alllmost finished. Thanks for your patience. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. When it’s done, I will be thrilled to be able to connect with you all, and develop a home for a world of Art that is Hope-ful, honest, beautiful and direct. In it you will also be able to connect with someone you might want to collaborate with: Delia the Singer/songwriter, Delia the Actor, Delia the Director, Delia the Playwright and Dramaturg, Delia the Community Builder, or Delia the Mother?

In the meantime, for more info about the theatre show “Just let the wind untie my perfumed hair…”, check out a wee little featurette about Ṭáhirih and the play itself here

The interview i did with Radio National’s Books and Arts program about that show (while i was performing at the Denmark Festival of Voice) was really quite lovely, and you can have a listen to that here.

To read an interview with Delia about the work, have a little look at The Vile Blog’s dramaturgy interview over here or with Broadway World here

To check out Delia’s previous album work, “folk soul” album HELLO …i like you. click here

The show was beautifully received in Edinburgh; had a great season. On my return, in grappling with the relationship between Art-making and motherhood, I wrote a new cabaret work, called Joni Mitchell’s Daughter. That lovely little show won an Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award for Best Cabaret in 2017.

Now, both of those shows “have legs” and are available for touring.

This year, i will be shifting a large part of my focus back to the music and touring with a band, and doing – along with my older music, the songs attached to this Tahirih project.

To check out a taste of that new music from the show and upcoming album (!!) – the poetry of the title character, Ṭáhirih, set to original music by me – click here (cello) or here (Appalachian dulcimer)

To get in touch about about booking either theatre work, or about booking me for a gig :, or 0437043490

or socialize!:

facebook twitter soundcloud or bandcamp and instagram

With love,

Delia Olam